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Wine Discovery Weekend

Celebrating its 19th anniversary, is organising the highly-anticipated event that will give Singapore’s fine wine lovers and enthusiasts the rare opportunity to connect and engage with leading winemakers from over the world. Packed with a full day of masterclasses, a weekend lined up with exclusive wine lunches and dinners, plus a wine hall filled with an extensive range of labels for tasting, Wine Discovery Weekend 2023 promises to be Singapore's most rewarding importer-led tasting event of the year. 

About us

Founded in 2004 by Susy Santoso, is Southeast Asia's leading online wine retailer, specializing in boutique and artisanal wines from countries like France, Spain, Italy, and more.

As Singapore's exclusive distributor for these elite wineries, we've built long-standing partnerships based on mutual passion. Over the years, we've hosted numerous wine events and tastings.

Now, we present our 8th Wine Discovery Weekend (WDW) from November 2nd to 6th, 2023 at Metropolitan YMCA Singapore and top city restaurants. WDW 2023 will feature 120 wines from 17 countries, including unique selections from Syria, Morocco, and the UK, presented by renowned winemakers and experts.

Join us for wine dinners, masterclasses, and a Wine Hall Walkabout tasting. Dive in and explore!

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The Founder

Singapore Wine Entrepreneur

Susy’s love affair with wine dates back to the time she met her partner, a Frenchman, who got her immersed in the world of wines. Thus began her passion for sourcing wines from vineyard to table, and sharing these artisanal wines with fellow wine lovers. 

In 2004, Alfa International Pte Ltd or started its wine import and export business. Over the years, a journey of discovery followed, from developing the market for wine in Asia to building meaningful relationships with leading winemakers from all over the world.


For Susy, one of her personal missions is to continually challenge the status quo and bring to the market new varietals or emerging trends that will in turn elevate the sensory experience of consumers. Whether its a wine enthusiast or someone new to wine, there will always be something enriching about wine to discover, for both the palate and mind. 

Susy S. Santoso, Owner & Director of Alfa International Pte Ltd/

Get in Touch, 100 Peck Seah Street,

#07-09, PS100 Building, 

Singapore 079333

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